We found Africa's craft spirits are just too good not to share.

We are the home of African craft spirits. A raise of the glass to the spirit of Africa, where craft meets culture, and every pour is better shared.

From Gin inspired by the most biodiverse floral kingdom on earth and Agave cultivated in the Karoo, to Brandy that speaks the world’s youngest language, proudly South African Rum and Vodka made from the purest Cape water, Kindred Spirits is home to Africa’s craft spirits.

Every bottle we sell is a passport to a unique corner of Southern Africa. Gins, infused with the vibrant hues of the floral kingdom, bring the essence of biodiversity to your glass. The Karoo, with its rugged beauty, lends its spirit to Agave, creating a taste that echoes the vast landscapes it hails from. But our stories don't end with geography. Our Brandy, a linguistic ambassador, carries the nuances of the world's youngest language, telling a tale that transcends borders. Proudly South African rums carry the warmth of the nation, and Vodka, made from the Cape's purest water keeps the blood flowing on cooler nights.

More than a marketplace, we’re a haven of stories, where the narratives of nature, culture and mixology converge.

So, join us in this celebration of flavors, where each sip is a journey, and every bottle is a chapter in the grand story of African craft spirits. These are more than drinks; they are shared experiences, waiting to be part of your moments.

Cheers to the spirits that connect us, the stories that bind us, and the shared joy of Kindred Spirits.

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