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Agave / Año De Los Muertos

Año de los Muertos Agave

Año de los Muertos Agave

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Tasting Notes
Peppery smokiness, hints of vanilla and caramel nose. A smooth, clean and slight woody palate with undertones of warm dry honey and pepper. A ripe, toasted agave, dry mouth finish.

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Año de los Muertos means ‘Year of the Dead” and is a play on the Mexican holiday (Day of the Dead) where families celebrate and pay respect to the departed souls of their deceased relatives. Inspired by this annual colourful, much-heralded reunion that includes food, drink and celebration, a tribute to the life affirming joy, and riot of colour that is this Mexican tradition. Staying true to our African roots however, we source our agave piñas from the Karoo, and care for our spirit with age-old Mexican tequila techniques, including resting and ageing in oak barrels to make Reposado - adding vanilla and nutty notes to the smoky agave palate. A great sipping agave or a classy kick to your cocktail of choice.

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