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Lean On Me Gin Mini - 40ml

Lean On Me Gin Mini - 40ml

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Tasting Notes
Rose Geranium and Hibiscus top notes with undertones of citrus and juniper on the nose. A perfectly rounded floral citrus finish with underlying Buchu notes of spicy, minty blackcurrant.

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A Lockdown-inspired gin to remind us of the good times we’ve had, the better times to come, the friends we all need to help us carry on, and as a reminder that - let's face it, we all need somebody to 'Lean on.'

Meticulously crafted in the Western Cape, home to the world's smallest yet richest floral kingdom, Lean on me is infused with the region's unique fynbos botanicals, and captures the essence of this rich biodiversity.

A perfectly rounded floral-driven gin with refreshing undertones of Citrus Peel, Cape Fynbos and Juniper. Top notes of Hibiscus, Rose Geranium, and a subtle touch of Buchu, providing the gin with a distinct personality and a rich tapestry of flavours.

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