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Brandy / Sugarbird

Sugarbird XO Brandy - 750ml

Sugarbird XO Brandy - 750ml

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Tasting Notes
Hints of Vanilla blended with fresh oak aromas. Local honey enhances the natural caramel, dried peaches, raisins, crisp dark chocolate and luxurious, creamy vanilla flavours, which are followed by subtle fynbos, resulting in a long, soft velvety finish.

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Sugarbird XO is a 14-year aged pure pot still brandy from one of the best distilleries on earth. The liquid, aged in old French Oak barrels to XO maturity, is then filtered through Honeybush and other unique fynbos botanicals giving it true Cape fynbos character, as is the Sugarbird signature, thereby adding an subtle, somewhat mysterious character to what is otherwise the equivalent of one of the finest Cognac’s around.

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